Thursday, 5 June 2014


WALT: demonstrate integrity (The value for term 3 is: Integrity)

Task: We are going to create an i-movie.
ü We need to show an example of Integrity
ü Explain the definition of Integrity
ü Explain why our clip is demonstrating integrity
How will we know our movie is successful?
ü    up to 30 seconds long
ü   clear camera work (thinking about the sun, keeping the camera still-moving slowly, in focus)
ü    clear voices (volume, wind, background noises, mumbling)
ü clear message - might need to explain the images (text to match the words)

How do you feel about your integrity movie?I feel great because I think our group worked good together. 

What parts of it do you particularly like and why? I like the hole thing because

What did/do you enjoy about this your integrity movie? That we got to work in a group.

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